Vietnamese Pho


Vietnamese Pho is one of the world’s most iconic dishes. Traditionally made with a slowly simmered beef stock infused with charred onion, ginger, and warm spices, our Pho Seasoning Blend brilliantly captures all these complex flavors with an easy, versatile spice blend that can be adjusted according to taste.


Prep time: 20 min | Cook time: 30 min | Serves: 4



  • 6 cups beef or chicken broth

  • ¾ cup Pho Seasoning Blend 

  • 4 oz plain pad Thai noodles

  • 1 lb flank steak

  • 1 ½ cup, rinsed bean sprouts

  • 1 each, quartered limes

  • 1/3 cup, washed cilantro leaves

  • 3 scallions

  • 8 each Thai basil leaves

  • 1 Tbsp vegetable oil


  1. Bring the liquid to a boil in a medium pot, and add the noodles. Cook as indicated to package specifications. When cooked, drain off and reserve the cooking liquid. Cool under running water, and keep aside.

  2. While the noodles are cooking, cut the flank steak in half on a severe bias, making sure to cut against the grain. Take half and place in a freezer for 15 minutes. Heat the vegetable oil in a medium skillet on high heat, lightly season the other piece of flank steak with salt and pepper, sear on both sides. Cool to room temp, and place this in the freezer for 15 minutes.

  3. Remove the non seared flank steak from freezer, and slice into very thin slices on a severe bias against the grain.  Slice the seared flank steak the same way, and keep aside.

  4. Take reserved noodle cooking liquid and add enough water to broth to make 6 cups. Heat to a simmer, whisk in Pho seasoning. Let simmer on Low for 3 minutes. Add the non seared sliced flank steak and cook just until done. Remove from liquid and keep aside. Hold the Pho broth aside, keep piping hot.

  5. Distribute the noodles into 4 medium large bowls. Arrange the sliced seared flank steak around the noodles. Arrange the cooked flank steak on top of the noodles. Place bean sprouts on top of this. Distribute both cooked and seared meat evenly among the 4 bowls when arranging. Ladle the piping hot Pho broth into each bowl.

  6. Garnish each bowl liberally with scallions, cilantro and thai basil. Serve hot with lime wedges.