Piri Piri Sauce Starter

Piri Piri Sauce Starter


In our Piri Piri Sauce Starter, zesty piri piri chiles are balanced by notes of bright citrus while garlic and smoky paprika add depth.

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Both Piri Piri sauce and the chile are a Portuguese interpretation of the Swahili word for pepper. Known variously as Pili Pili, Peri Peri, the sauce is popular in Portugal, South Africa and Australia, but also in Angola, Namibia and Mozambique. The sauce’s popularity in Southern Africa is a reflection of its creation there, the result of Portuguese colonization. 

Although recipes vary between regions and countries, the sauce commonly contains crushed hot chile peppers (often bird’s eye chiles) , citrus peel, oil, red bell pepper and onions. Piri Piri sauce is often used as a hot sauce or in place of common hot sauces, such as Tabasco or Sriracha. It is frequently used as a marinade, but can also be used as a glaze or a condiment.