Jamaican Coconut Curry Starter

Jamaican Coconut Curry Starter


Jamaican Coconut Curry Starter balances sweet coconut and aromatic spices with fiery habanero chile, creating a bold, authentic curry simply by adding water and simmering.

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Our Jamaican Coconut Curry Starter captures the bold, vibrant flavor of Caribbean-style curry in a versatile dry form, transforming into a rich, flavorful sauce simply by adding water and simmering on the stove.

On the sunny island of Jamaica, warm allspice and fragrant bay leaves give curry dishes a distinctive aroma and flavor, while the intense heat of fiery, fruity chiles like habaneros and scotch bonnets adds a powerfully spicy kick. Most often cooked with chicken or goat as the main protein component, Jamaican-style curry is traditionally served with steamed rice or Jamaican rice and peas.

As a dry blend of all-natural ingredients, our Jamaican Coconut Curry Starter is a shelf-stable alternative to jarred and canned curry sauces, which usually contain preservatives and artificial additives. This cost-efficient, clean-label curry starter saves time in the kitchen by eliminating the need to add extra ingredients like coconut milk, and also allows for more control over both the heat level and the consistency of the curry, based on the amount of liquid used. Simply add water and simmer to create a richly flavored, authentic Jamaican curry sauce.