Goan Coconut Curry Starter

Goan Coconut Curry Starter


Balancing coconut with warm, bright spices and citrusy lime leaves, our  Goan Coconut Curry Starter creates authentic Goan curry sauce simply by adding water and simmering.

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Located on the western coast of India, the state of Goa is well known for its bright, vibrant, seafood-centric cuisine. Typically cooked with fish and seafood as the main protein component, Goan curries have a delicate, mellow flavor, balancing sweet coconut and warm spices with floral lime leaves and tangy tamarind. 

Goa’s greatest foreign culinary influence is the Portuguese, who established a colony in 1510 which lasted until 1961. In addition to their Christian religion, Portuguese traders and colonizers imported a wide variety of foods, including tomatoes, chiles, pomatoes, cashews, and more. Over time, Portuguese influence transformed the cuisine and lifestyles of the locals, and new dishes like pork vindaloo, prawn balchao and pork feijodda were introduced. 

As a dry blend of all-natural ingredients, our Goan Coconut Curry Starter is a shelf-stable alternative to jarred and canned curry sauces, which usually contain preservatives and artificial additives. This cost-efficient, clean-label curry starter saves time in the kitchen by eliminating the need to add extra ingredients like coconut milk, and also allows for more control over both the heat level and the consistency of the curry, based on the amount of liquid used. Simply add water and simmer to create a richly flavored, authentic Goan curry sauce.