Sriracha Seasoning

Sriracha Seasoning


Balancing spicy chiles with savory garlic, Sriracha Seasoning captures the bold, bright flavor of sriracha-style hot sauce, a popular condiment from Thailand.

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Our Sriracha Seasoning Blend captures the garlicky, spicy flavor of sriracha-style hot sauce in an easy-to-use dry form. Developed to invoke the bold flavor of the popular hot sauce, this seasoning blend features a medley of four dried chile varieties, savory garlic powder, tangy vinegar powder and a mix of bright, fragrant spices.

The culinary possibilities for our Sriracha Seasoning Blend are nearly endless, as it can be added to dry applications without altering the liquid content of a recipe. From dry rubs to popcorn seasonings, this blend is incredibly versatile and can be used to season almost anything that needs a kick of savory-spicy flavor.