Sriracha Seasoning

Sriracha Seasoning


Balancing spicy chiles with savory garlic, Sriracha Seasoning captures the bold, bright flavor of sriracha-style hot sauce, a popular condiment from Thailand.

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Our Sriracha Seasoning Blend captures the garlicky, spicy flavor of sriracha-style hot sauce in an easy-to-use dry form. Developed in our Culinary Center and crafted to invoke the bold flavor of the popular hot sauce, this seasoning blend features a medley of four dried chile varieties, savory garlic powder, tangy vinegar powder and a mix of bright, fragrant spices.

Since the first commercial sriracha-style hot sauce products debuted in California in the 1980s, sriracha sauce has become wildly popular across the United States. The name “sriracha” refers to the town of Sri Racha, a port town in Thailand where the founder of one of the most successful commercial sriracha sauce companies was born. The town is well-known for its high-quality seafood, which is typically accompanied by a sauce made from ripe red chiles, ground garlic and a touch of palm sugar and fish sauce.

Many of the most popular commercial sriracha sauces have tweaked this formula to appeal to the American palate, typically containing fresh red jalapeño chiles, garlic, sugar and vinegar along with salt and other seasonings.

The culinary possibilities for our Sriracha Seasoning Blend are nearly endless, as it can be added to dry applications without altering the liquid content of a recipe. From dry rubs to popcorn seasonings, this blend is incredibly versatile and can be used to season almost anything that needs a kick of savory-spicy flavor.