Portuguese Piri Piri Blend

Portuguese Piri Piri Blend


Portuguese Piri Piri Blend recreates the bright, fiery flavor of piri piri sauce, the zesty chile-based marinade used to create traditional Portuguese piri piri chicken.

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Piri-piri (sometimes spelled “peri-peri,” or even “pili-pili”) is a name used to describe a style of small, intensely hot chiles as well as the spicy sauce made from these chiles. Piri-piri sauce is closely associated with a dish of roasted or grilled chicken seasoned with piri-piri sauce; in fact, “piri-piri chicken” is often more well-known than either the piri-piri chiles or piri-piri sauce on its own. 

While the word “piri” comes from an African word for chile, piri-piri chicken is a specialty of Portuguese cuisine. This is most likely the result of Portuguese colonists in east Africa that adopted the local method of preparing piri-piri chicken as their own. This is a matter of some interpretation though, as the far-traveling Portuguese traders of the 1500s are credited with helping spread the cultivation of chiles throughout the world, so there is some debate about whether piri-piri chicken is African or Portuguese in origin.

Regardless of which culture created it, piri-piri sauce is commonly made from a combination of crushed fresh piri-piri chiles blended with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar, onion, salt and pepper. Regional variations of this basic preparation layer additional flavors by including ingredients such as fresh herbs (often oregano or basil), paprika, tomato sauce or ginger.

Our Portuguese Piri Piri Blend is a dry seasoning that recreates the combination of zesty chile heat and bright citrus flavors characteristic of piri-piri sauce. The seasoning’s flavor is delicately balanced with smoked sweet paprika and aromatics including garlic and ginger. It is ready to use as-is, or can be stirred together with olive oil and/or lemon juice to create a thin paste that can be used as a marinade or basting sauce.