Pilpelchuma Seasoning

Pilpelchuma Seasoning


Our Pilpelchuma Seasoning is a spicy mix of crushed chiles and garlic, handcrafted to recreate the intense flavors of the popular Libyan condiment.

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Pilpelchuma (the name means "pepper garlic" in Hebrew, and both are key ingredients of traditional Pilpelchuma) is an intensely flavored condiment prepared throughout the Tripolitan region of Libya and increasingly popular in areas of Israel where many Jewish Libyan ex-pats have settled. Often compared to harissa, Pilpelchuma (or sometimes "filfelchuma") is a coarse paste made from rehydrated chiles ground with raw garlic and toasted spices.

Pilpelchuma has become popular across northern Africa and onto the Arabian peninsula. It is often used to provide heat and flavor in Shakshuka, an Israeli dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce.

Our Pilpelchuma is a shelf-stable take on this classic seasoning. We make it from a blend of five chile powder varieties, granulated garlic and a custom blend of our own spices. It's a great choice to add a spicy touch to applications where a moist chile paste is impractical. It can also be rehydrated with a splash of warm water to recreate an authentically spicy chile paste.