Kimchi Spice

Kimchi Spice


Designed to simplify the process of making kimchi, our Kimchi Spice is a blend of gochugaru chiles, garlic, onions and a custom blend of herbs and spices.

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Kimchi, the famously fiery fermented vegetables pickled with Korean chiles, herbs, and spices, is a signature, staple dish in Korean homes and restaurants. Kimchi Spice makes creating your own authentically flavored, homemade kimchi easier than ever before. Simply add it to prepped vegetables and set aside overnight to begin the fermentation process. 

To use Kimchi Spice to make kimchi, prepped vegetables need only be soaked overnight in a salty brine, then rubbed with a paste made from stirring boiling water into Kimchi Spice. Fermentation begins during another rest at room temperature and continues at a slower pace once the kimchi is refrigerated until serving.