Most often used as a condiment in Egyptian cuisine, Dukkah is a complex blend of ground nuts, seeds, and spices. Its warm, nutty flavor is balanced by bright lemon and tart sumac.

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Dukkah (sometimes transliterated to “duqqa”) is a blend of ground roasted nut meats, seeds and spices traditionally used as a condiment in many Middle Eastern cuisines. The name is often traced to an Egyptian word (pronounced “dakka”) that means “to crush.”

Our Dukkah is modeled on a classic Egyptian version which balances the round, warm flavor of roasted hazelnuts with the heat of dried chile and acidic tartness of sumac. We’ve added sesame seeds to accentuate both the nutty flavor and the satisfyingly crisp crunch of our custom blended Dukkah.

There are as many ways to enjoy Dukkah as there are variations of the blend. One of the most widely spread uses is as a condiment for flat breads, sometimes sprinkled on top and  sometimes the bread is first dipped into olive oil and then into Dukkah. Other traditions use Dukkah to season vegetables (either raw or cooked) or to season the fried foods especially fish.