Chorizo Spice

Chorizo Spice


Chorizo Spice was designed to capture the bold, heavily spiced flavor of fresh Mexican chorizo sausage. Simply combine with ground pork and cook to create traditional chorizo.

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Mexican-style chorizo sausage is a highly seasoned, brilliantly red pork sausage full of bold chile flavors and typically stuffed in natural pork casings. Chorizo Spice is a complete, ready-to-use seasoning blend specifically designed to simplify making fresh chorizo sausage; simply combine with fresh ground pork and either cook as loose sausage or stuff into casings and then cook. 

Mexican-style chorizo should not be confused with Spanish-style chorizo, or the closely related Portuguese-style chouriço, both of which are ready-to-consume charcuterie products of coarsely ground or chopped pork, stuffed into natural casings and then cured. While these styles clearly share a culinary tradition, Mexican-style chorizo is more aggressively seasoned, typically with commercial grade chili powders and a splash of vinegar to add a bright acidity to counterbalance the fatty cuts of pork used to make chorizo.

Chorizo Spice makes creating and perfecting your own chorizo simple. Adjust to ratio of meat to fat, or even substitute leaner ground meat like turkey or chicken for some or all of the pork. Various levels of assertiveness are also easily created simply by adding more or less Chorizo Spice.