Basque Seasoning

Basque Seasoning


Crafted to evoke the flavors of the sunny Basque region of Spain and France, this savory blend includes sun-dried tomato, smoked paprika, and aromatics like garlic and onion.

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Our Basque Seasoning Blend was created by our Culinary Department to capture the flavors of El Pais Vasco, the sunny home of the Basque people of Spain and France. This custom seasoning is a savory mix of smoky paprika and sun-dried tomato powder tempered with garlic, onion and fresh ground herbs and spices.

The geography of the El Pais Vasco starts high in the Basque Mountains east of the more widely known Pyrenees Mountains, and runs down to the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. This unique geography gave rise to a cuisine filled with the abundant seafood from the Atlantic paired the products of the fertile valleys of the Basque Mountains. The orchards and vineyards of the mountains provide olive oil, tree fruits (such as apples which are often turned into cider) as well as plenty of pasture lands for cattle and goats which are raised for meat and dairy.

Traditional Basque cuisine is often assertively seasoned. Many significant Basque-style recipes offer prominent sweet, smoky notes of smoked paprika or other capsicums. Tomatoes also feature prominently in many Basque recipes.

In recent years the Basque Cuisine has taken a surprising modern turn. Chefs of world-class urban centers in the region, such as Bilbao, as well as others such as Ferán Adria operating in the countryside, have gain notoriety for their incredible technical proficiency and singular vision transforming the rich culinary traditions of the region with their haute cuisine approach.