Ancho-Honey Citrus Spice

Ancho-Honey Citrus Spice


Ancho-Honey Citrus Spice is a bright balance of sweet and spicy, blending the rich, smoky flavor of ancho chiles with sweet honey and zesty lime and lemon.

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A blend of Ancho and other chiles paired with honey and lemon makes for a unique flavor combination that is perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables or any Southwestern-inspired cuisine. The addicting fusion of sweet and spicy makes this a go-to, all-in-one seasoning.

Southwestern cultures have used these flavors for centuries to add depth and interest to their cuisine. The main component, Ancho Chile, is native to Mexico and is the dried version of the poblano pepper. It has a slightly smoky flavor with a subtle heat that does not overwhelm the palate.