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let your taste buds roam free with the flavors of the world


From the colorful spice markets of India to the fragrant lavender fields of southern France, we’ve searched the world to bring you the most flavorful herbs and spices that nature has to offer.


Each of our globally inspired seasoning blends represents a unique culinary tradition from around the world, capturing the flavors of iconic global dishes like Korean beef bulgogi and classic Cuban-style mojo sauce.


Our collection of over 70 organic herbs, spices, and seasoning blends includes both exotics and classics, from Ancho Chile Powder and Ground Nutmeg to Red Miso Powder and Green Cardamom.


Butterfly Pea Flowers

Our collection of exotic herbs and spices includes some of the culinary world’s most intriguing ingredients, from color-changing Butterfly Pea Flowers to Baobab Fruit Powder and Green Szechuan Peppercorns.



From mineral-rich salt harvested deep beneath the Himalayan Mountains to light, flaky sea salt from the coast of France, our unique assortment also includes handcrafted flavored salts, infused with bold flavors like Korean gochujang and fiery sriracha sauce.




No spice cabinet would be complete without the basics – our large selection of classic herbs and spices includes essentials like Korintje Cinnamon, Mediterranean Oregano, Herbes de Provence, and Ground Nutmeg.