our facilities

Not many brands can vouch for the integrity of their products from field to fork, but we can. Why? Because we carefully source, process and package every single one of our products ourselves.

At Manitou Trading Company, our philosophy is simple. We believe that all-natural food is better for everyone, from our farmers to your family. That's why we're committed to providing a range of products free from artificial colors and additives.


Promoting Agricultural Diversity


We're proud to partner with farmers who engage in safe, sustainable farming practices, and we make a point of seeking out heritage and heirloom products to promote agricultural and nutritional diversity. Besides delivering unique flavor, texture and nutritional benefits, all of our heritage and heirloom products are GMO free. 

Thoughtful Processing

Our experienced Quality Assurance team travels the globe to monitor the integrity of our products from farm to fork. We keep busy at our facilities too, which feature a state-of-the-art food lab and culinary center. Having our own facilities means we have complete control over the foods we make, ensuring that none of our gluten or allergen-free products becomes compromised. 


Our Community

We don't just promote diversity in the fields, we promote diversity in our workplace too. That means fostering a a safe, inclusive company culture and encouraging a healthy work-life balance among our people. We're also involved in our community. Since 2013, Manitou has donated a portion of its profit to conservation education and local wildlife habitat rehabilitation. 


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