Egg in the Hole Campfire Breakfast


Elevate classic Egg in the Hole with our savory, crunchy Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend.


Prep time: 10 min | Cook time: 3-4 min | Yields: 4




  1. If preparing the recipe in a camping situation, save and wash a small can, (approximately 2 inches in diameter) with top removed. Use this to cut the hole in the bread. You can also use a small paring knife or cookie cutter to carefully cut a 2-inch hole in the center of each slice of bread. Reserve the rounds that are cut out.

  2. Melt the butter over a low flame, and add to a shallow bowl large enough to hold one of the bread slices. Mix in one egg and the water.

  3. Pour Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend onto another small plate. Dip each piece of bread plus the cut out circle first into the egg mixture then into the seasoning on each side. Shake off excess. Repeat with each bread slice and cut out circle.

  4. In a large skillet, melt the remaining butter on low heat. Place each bread slice and cut out in the pan, and crack one egg into the hole in the center.  Cook on low heat, cover for a minute.  Be careful to monitor the browning of the seasoning. Flip the bread slices carefully when the underside is lightly browned.

  5. Cook the other side of each slice and cut out until it is also nicely browned. The white should be cooked through at this point, but the yolk still runny.

  6. Serve with bacon, sausage, or your favorite side.