Family & Food: Personal Favorite Hispanic Dishes

Pozole Verde with Chicken

Pozole Verde with Chicken

Being a part of the Hispanic culture and enjoying all the delicious food has been a blessing. As a child growing up, I was never a picky eater (thanks to my parents) because I had to finish my plate before I could leave the table. But then again, everything my mother cooked was delicious to me. My mother has never been the biggest fan of cooking, but lucky for her she’s a very good cook.

 Whenever my mother goes to the grocery store she only buys the things she needs for the week or maybe two. I do know what ingredients you need to make some of the dishes but I don’t really know (I should probably start learning) the recipes. All I know is that food is better when it’s spicy, or has some type of spice in it.

 My personal favorite dishes, explained in detail below (and feature a link on a how to make them), can easily have spicy sauce added to them or they’re already spicy to begin with. Then again, it all depends on how you cook it and how spicy you want it.  Almost everyone has a certain preference on how they like their food and literally everyone in my family prefers some sort of spicy heat in their food. But if you don’t like spicy food you are still able to make these dishes without them being spicy.

 The best dish I’ve had at almost every family event and never get tired of is pozole. There are different types of pozole, there’s red, green, and white. I prefer the green pozole because I feel like it has a better taste. I also like that you can add avocado, which adds more flavor to it. Oh and the more grain it has the better.

 The second dish that helps to wake up early in the morning is chilaquiles. For this dish there are two types you can make which are either red or green. Both the green and red chilaquiles are very good so I don’t have a preference. Chilaquiles are usually made spicy so you can also have something on the side. My mother makes huevo con chorizo and by the way you don’t need a tortilla for the huevo and chorizo. Also a little tip is you can buy tortilla chips (the crunchier the better) and use those for the chilaquiles.

 If you’re a fan of seafood and want something healthy to snack on then ceviche is the way to go. You can have it with or without tortilla chips. By the way the more lemon you add on it the better and if you want a little spicy on it you should add Tapatio sauce.

 There are many other delicious dishes to try but these are some of my top favorite. They are pretty straightforward to make, although, you may need to go out and buy some of the ingredients that are needed to make these dishes. Hopefully you give it a try and make them yourself. Enjoy!